virtualmin redirection?

hello all -

i need to access a Node.js process that is obviously not running on port 80. i have no problems at all accessing this Node.js process with a browser.

the problem is on the other side, on some mysterious cloud server. we seem to be blocked from using any other port number besides 80.

my question: using virtualmin, can i “redirect” and do something like this:

http: / / ====>

in other words, have an incoming request that normally would go to port 80 magically redirect to port 8000 ?

thank you all for your consideration.


Hmm, it sounds like you may be interested in proxying.

Take a peek at Server Configuration -> Edit Proxy Website, as well as Server Configuration -> Proxy Paths.


hi eric - your first suggestion:

Server Configuration -> Edit Proxy Website

worked very well, except i was unable to “hide” the port redirection using that method.

i could not find the ServerConfiguration–>ProxyPaths but went this route instead:


RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^MarkTestTwo/ [P,QSA,L]

is there a better way in virtualmin to edit this file? i just used vi for this.

but the good news: it works !


Using vi to edit the .htaccess file is perfect – what you did there is exactly what Virtualmin would do, Virtualmin just adds that to the Apache config file directly, rather than a .htaccess file.

There’s nothing wrong with the way you did it though.