Virtualmin quotas in MB not KB

Virtualmin quotas in MB not KB in GPL.

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Virtualmin Professional properly displays quotas (including disk, bandwidth, etc.) in the appropriate units, whether KB, MB, GB, etc. (depending on the size), but not in blocks.

This is probably something that ought to be in both versions (and I thought it already was). It’s probably safe to expect it in GPL in the not too distant future.

strange, my setup of the GPL version shows all nicely in KB, MB or GB depending on the traffic

also nicely shows diff. colors properly for email, ftp or web traffic

When you say depending on traffic are you referring to bandwidth monitoring or file quotas? My bandwidth monitoring works in mb gb etc but no dice for file quotas.

I was never able to figure how to get it to display in MB in the GPL version. The only other thing that didnâ