Virtualmin - questions for new hosting setup.


We are currently looking to upgrade our server setup, and while doing that add an web interface to handle creation of apache vhosts and mysql databases. WebMin and VirtualMin looks interesting, but they can also do much more than just that.

I hope someone will answer two questions for me though:

  1. We currently host 3 different websites, and they each require a different apache vhost.conf file. Is it somehow possible for me to set it up, so I can select between 3 different vhost templates when setting up a new virtual host? I did find a template editor, but it forced me to have same vhost.conf template for all virtual hosts, which i can’t use.

  2. We have more servers, and the webservers will not have mysql on them, and the mysql servers will not have apache - is it possible to install virtualmin in a “minimum” edition on CentOS? I dont want everything turned on automatically, the less that is startede the happier i am.

  3. Do I need virtualmin for the above, or is WebMin enough?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Well, you could use multiple Server Templates to solve that.

So in System Settings -> Server Templates, create a new template – you can create three Server Templates, one for each of your vhosts.

And then within each Server Template, you’d setup a new vhost section in the Apache Website area.

As far as Apache and MySQL goes – my suggestion would be to perform the typical install with the, which will configure everything – and to disable the services you don’t need.

I think disabling what you don’t need would be simpler than going with a really basic install, and trying to configure what you do need.

So my suggestion, would be to install Virtualmin, and to use the to do the installation.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:


Hi - Thanks for your answers, very helpfull.

I been looking at the Server Template section, and the “Directives and settings for new websites”, contain everything between and .

The vhost.conf i want to create pretty much looks like this:

DocumetRoot /var/www/

ServerName DocumetRoot /var/www/

Am I wanting to do this the wrong way? I juts want a simple way to create a webhotel that answer to both www.* and cms.* - but where both are a directory in the same director (for example (/var/www/

Also is it possible to make virtualmin automatically create the MySQL database on another server than the server apache is running on?

Thanks :slight_smile:

you would create your domain ie virtual server and then you can create the sub-server as a top-level server. Virtualmin doesn’t care about the name. This way you’ll be creating 2 “independent” virtual servers.

Afaik you can set up the remote host for the database under Edit database - tab Remote host. But I have no experience with that.