Virtualmin qualified hostname problmes?

I have some quastions please help:
Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Desktop Edition + Virtualmin GPL

  1. I dont undersren what is qualified hostname,
    if i have registered too webs, i want use it on server with Virtualmin:
    What should a wreite in qualified hostname?

  2. How can i change qualified hostname, dont asks me about qualified hostname any more!!!

  3. How can i use Virtualmin in local network, for test?

You only need one fully qualified hostname – which the name of the server itself.

A "fully qualified hostname" means something like:

Rather than just "hostname".

If the script does not ask for a fully qualified hostname, that means it thinks it knows what it is by looking at your network settings.

If you want to change the hostname or domains name of your server, you can do so by logging into Virtualmin, and going into Webmin -> Networking -> Network Configuration.

As for how to install Virtualmin on a local network – do you have a spare computer you can try it out on? If not, you can run it in something like VMware.

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  2. I have not Virtualmin installed i have only console and i cant change fully qualified hostname, installation and with error - how can i change fully qualified hostname like at the biginig

  3. In local network that is not connected to DNS or internet what should i wreate in qualified hostname?