virtualmin pro


We have been using Virtualmin for over two years now and love it. Right now we are really tempted to buy the Pro version.
Is it possible to download and test it?
Also, as I can see it, the license is for one server only. But we need to run one or more backup (standby) servers. Would we have to buy more licenses?



0 Yes

1 From the Virtualmin Professional software repository ( ). This is setup automatically when you install using the Virtualmin Professional, or when you upgrade from within Virtualmin GPL.

2 None. All of the additional plugins are available. There are extra features in Virtualmin Pro core, however. See this page for more details:

All upgrades are the cost difference between the licenses. So, yes, I guess you could consider that a discount (it’s $138 off of the price, since you’ve already paid us that for Virtualmin 10). Just look in the Upgrades section of the shop.

Hi Victor,

I’m glad you like it!

As of now, there’s no trial version, unfortunately. However –

  1. You can see it in action using the "Demo" link below

  2. You can see a comparison of the GPL and Pro version below, under the "Compare" link

  3. There’s a 45 day return policy. If you decide it doesn’t suit your needs, just say so and they’ll refund your money

The license does indeed allow for a hot spare/backup.

However, I don’t know that it allows for multiple hot spares, Joe may need to chime in on that.

Only one backup server is “free”. If you need more than that, you’ll need an additional license. I can’t imagine what additional value more than one hot spare would provide, though. :wink:

We will be offering a trial version eventually, but right now the license manager and the tools on the website just don’t make it possible. We’re updating them right now during the migration to the new website, so we’re getting closer to having the capabilities needed to offer a free trial.

As Eric mentioned, though, we don’t want to keep your money if you don’t like Virtualmin Professional. We offer a full money back guarantee. Just let us know, and we’ll issue a refund and cancel your purchase.