virtualmin pro + whmcs

Hello virtual community, first of all congratulations for this great community and the help they give people like me just started on this. My problem or my question is as follows.

I have virtualmin pro + whmcs configured perfectly (I suppose), the accounts are created in whmcs perfectly connected with virtual and generating the virtual panel for the client. But what I need is the following: Create a new service for example (wordpress, joomla, etc) and when the client orders that service is installed automatically and thus sending an email with the login data. Only what I could do is generate an order for a virtual panel with its functions, but I just want to create a service mentioned above.

I hope you tell me help and a thousand apologies for my English.

I managed to generate a template with the wordpress script but when ordering in whmcs the account is created perfectly but wordpress is not installed automatically, to get install it I have to login and install it, open some form that is automatically installed with a username And password for the client already have all their data?

I leave some captures, thanks a lot for the help.

Edit server Template and then enter my domain ---->>

That’s a good question. Virtualmin used to configure it for you, but then the WordPress install process changed dramatically, and we stopped configuring it fully…leaving the last steps to the WordPress UI, which works fine for folks installing at the GUI, but for people who are calling the API and wanting to provide a fully configured installation, it doesn’t work, and could even be dangerous if it’s left unconfigured for a while.

I’ll look into what we’d need to do to make it fully automated again (most of the Install Scripts are pretty automatic, but some of the ones that have their own install wizard UI instead of a configuration file are much harder to configure via a script).

Thanks a lot for the explanation, does this run for all the script? Because I am also interested in installing dolibarr for the client. If it is the safest I will follow with this method. Again thank you very much.

I thought that even cpanel doesnt do this…cms such as wordpress and joomla are added by using softaculous or installatron after the client cpanel is setup. Perhaps an option is to use Installatron IR. Look it up on installatron website.