Virtualmin Pro upgrade on Joyent: Config wrong?

We’re trying to build a fairly simpl Joyent dedicated (Solaris Accelerator) system:
VMPro Upgrade + Mailman (or other list serve) + Dedicated.

We’re running into problems that lead me to think there are configuration issues with the Joyent upgrade.

Here’s one example: Bacula. When I click on webmin:system:Bacula Backup System I get this warning:

Bacula Backup System
The Bacula configuration directory /etc/bacula was not found on
your system. Maybe it is not installed, or the module configuration
is incorrect.
Looking at file system, there are two files in /opt/webmin: bacula-backup and backup-config … which look like they may be the files needed. Are these the files I need? Or are they used as install scripts that I need to run? I sorta doubt /etc/ is where they go, right? I ran into several similar messages which leads me to believe something is wrong.

We’re also running into difficulties with Mailman, and paid Joyent to do it for us. And when its done, the standard mailman urls don’t work … things like lists.domain.tld. Instead we’re told to do everything through the VMPro “wrappers”. So I’m wondering if I’m going down the wrong path? Maybe give up on Mailman and use something else? Or should this be pretty easy? It looks like Joyent has a pkg built, BTW.

Anyway, I’m concerned that the VMPro upgrade on Joyent has some puzzles to be sorted out. Is that correct? Could I have fat-fingered the upgrade? It basically just needed our license.

Howdy Owen,

Bacula is wholly unrelated to Virtualmin, and we don’t include it in the standard distribution on ANY platform. Joyent doesn’t either. It sounds like you’re mistaking a Webmin module for the actual software that it manages…Bacula is a software package in its own right (and a quite large complex one) that Webmin happens to include a module for managing. It’s much the same as the Webmin modules for Apache, PostgreSQL, MySQL, BIND, etc. The actual Bacula package is not part of Webmin.

I’ll also mention that I’ve never even used Bacula or seen it. I use the Webmin Filesystem Backup module, and the Virtualmin backup features, for all of our servers, and they’ve served us well for years.

That said, if you’d like to install Bacula, we certainly won’t stop you. It is reportedly a nice module (Jamie wrote it, and all of Jamie’s modules are nice) for a nice backup tool. But it’s non-existence on your system is not an indicator of problems with the Virtualmin installation, and it is definitely not required for proper operation of Virtualmin.

As for mailman, we’ll certainly help you get it figured out. There are a few stupidities in the way mailman works, and the most important problem being that it can’t run inside of a suexec path, so if you’ve got suexec enabled, mailman within existing domains won’t work–I suspect that’s what the lists.domain.tld stuff is about. I don’t know of any mailing list manager that is easier to use while being similarly capable. And, of course, Virtualmin only supports Mailman at this time…we’d like to find a good alternative that is friendlier to virtual hosting environments, but so far, we’re unaware of one.

But, again, this isn’t an indicator of an upgrade problem…just an indicator that you need some functionality that isn’t part of the standard Virtualmin configuration, but it sounds like it is in a Joyent deployment you’re familiar with. We can work with you on that–drop me an email and I’ll drop in and see if I can figure out exactly how it’s supposed to be working and make it work.