Virtualmin pro on Fedora 4 core

Is it normal during the install of the for it to update over 641MB worth of files? When I had Suse 10.0 it took about 10 or so minutes to install virtualmin pro, with fedora 4, it takes about an hour or more.

It seems that virtualmin is installed now, but it’s in the process of doing an update of adding 6 packages, and updating 260 packages for a total of 641MB.

This is on a fresh install of fedora 4.0 core that my update icon in the gnome toolbar up top is blue with a check mark and when moused over says No updates available, 0 ignored, so why is virtualmin pro installer updating so many packages?

Hey Adam,

Something is wrong with your updates toolbar icon. :wink:

We perform a yum update at the end of the installation to insure we have the latest and most secure version of everything on the system, and this is expected to take a while if it has never been done. I’m not sure why the toolbar icon is not telling you about the available updates, but they are definitely coming from the Fedora repository and not ours (we don’t provide 260 packages!).

Actually, 260 updates does sound a bit suspiciously high, now that I think of it. Are you sure your yum repositories are the standard Fedora Core 4 repositories? No extras?

FYI, the Fedora Extras repository is enbabled by default from Fedora Core 4 onwards:

This is probably where most of these packages are coming from.