Virtualmin Pro no email

What is the default mail service for Virtualmin Pro? Today a problem arose with receiving mail, I can get mail via Virtualmin console, but not using an email client or webmail (squirrelmail). Receiving a timeout error.

Postfix is running

Website is running

I have restarted the server, but the issue persists.

Postfix is the default.

What’s in the /var/log/maillog or /var/log/mail.log when you attempt to retrieve mail with other clients?

There appears to be a problem with the forums. It double posted my comment. I edited one of the posts, now they both say the same thing. I see Joe replied, but when I open the thread, I see only my edit.

Do you have a secure way of me providing it to you? I have my IP listed. Also, I have:

Maillog, Maillog1, Maillog2, Maillog3, Maillog4

Sure, you can email it to Or you could just sanitize it before posting it (i.e. just x out the IP addresses)…we only need/want the three or four lines that are related to the failed retrieval.

We won’t find anything useful in the old logs (that’s what maillog1, etc. are).

Now I cannot see either of our replies.

Unless I click the reply button.

Email sent

Actually, it’s a bug with the SEO component… needs to give unique thread names among other problems.

I think sh404SEF might handle fireboard better than whatever Joe is using.