Virtualmin Pro no email FIX

Problem was not being able to access mail via Email client, below are the replies. I am reposting, because the original message is screwed up.

PlayGod Actually, it’s a bug with the SEO component… needs to give unique thread names among other problems.

I think sh404SEF might handle fireboard better than whatever Joe is using. Email sent
829 Now I cannot see either of our replies.

Unless I click the reply button.
Joe Sure, you can email it to Or you could just sanitize it before posting it (i.e. just x out the IP addresses)…we only need/want the three or four lines that are related to the failed retrieval.

We won’t find anything useful in the old logs (that’s what maillog1, etc. are).
829 Do you have a secure way of me providing it to you? I have my IP listed. Also, I have:

Maillog, Maillog1, Maillog2, Maillog3, Maillog4
Joe Postfix is the default.

What’s in the /var/log/maillog or /var/log/mail.log when you attempt to retrieve mail with other clients?

This is the 1 and only email I received from Joe, which is incorrect and while this is not a Virtualmin problem per sae, I would like a little better support being a paid professional subscriber.

Doesn't matter. The log doesn't lie. It's a memory problem.

How much memory does the system have? Is it a physical system or some sort of virtualized system? Virtuozzo has had one or more serious memory bugs for as long at least two years…the only solution is to use a lot less memory than the system claims to have.

There are ways to reduce memory usage of a Virtualmin system, documented here (most aren’t specific to Virtualmin, but one of them is):,virtualmin_on_low_memory_systems/

hbuck wrote:
> 829 from forum - Mail log sent.
> Says "Cannot allocate memory," but memory usage is the same as it has been since VM Pro was first installed.

The correct fix can be found at

I hope this helps others that are having the same issue.

This is a rather unfair slam of the software writer. The preceeding posting makes no sense and the quote from Joe is the same thing any of us would ask. OS, VMPro version, hardware specifics are some of the first things you put into your post to give those you’re asking something to work with. Not sure where you noted that you have an x86_64 system.

I’m glad you found a solution relative to your situation.

Doesn't matter. The log doesn't lie. It's a memory problem.

I tried to explain it does not make sense and why, but I received the reply above.

I think it is fair. What I did not post was my reply answering the questions, that I never received a response to. I just do not see the benefit of paying for a free product, if the support is not any better. I like to pay for open source products to help development continue, which generally means you are going to also receive better support. I would not be complaining had it not been for the cut and dry response with no follow up. I know barely anything about Linux, yet I found the fix. Maybe I caught him on a bad day? Regardless, paying subscribers help keep this thing afloat.

Otherwise, I have had a pleasant experience. Joe has been helpful in the past, I just think support should better for subscribers.