Virtualmin Pro License question

I am thinking about getting a pro license to try Redmine which is Ruby based (otherwise I would be perfectly happy with Virtualmin GPL ). Currently I have 8 domains (and half them are rather test domains). Let’s say after after eleven months I would have 11 domains, then I would have to upgrade right? Would the updrade price prorated ($60/12 =$5 or would it be $60)?


Well, there isn’t any prorating… the way the licensing works, you either have one version or another (in this case, the 10 or 50 domain version of Virtualmin). And then at the end of the year, you renew the version you have.

If you’re coming up on your renewal period, and see that you’re about to go over your domain limit… you could always purchase your renewal first, then upgrade :slight_smile:

That said – if you’re happy with the GPL version, you always do have the option of manually performing an installation of Redmine. Remine will run just fine, it just means you need to perform the install manually rather than using the automated Virtualmin install.


Thanks for the explanation