virtualmin pro feature pre-sales question

hello - i distinctly remember asking this before, but am unable to locate the answer, sorry.

does the “pro” version have a way to limit the total number of connections from an IP number?

in other words, if i had somebody from China trying to do slowlori or DoS/ddos, does the ‘pro’ version have a way to limit that IP number to just (for example) 10 connections?

i seem to recall there was an option to do this in the pro version.


There isn’t a built-in way to limit connections by IP address.

However, you can limit resource usage, such as configuring a Virtual Server so that it can only run N processes at a time.

That would allow you to protect a domain from a DoS, by limiting how many Apache connections it could have at a time.


thank you eric. i take it this is a virtualmin “pro” feature ?

Yes, the resource limits I described above is a Virtualmin Pro feature.