virtualmin "pro" backup options

ahhhh another day, another new previously undiscovered reason to love virtualmin pro. i could get used to this really fast.

i see virtualmin pro currently supports the following “cloud storage providers”:


what might be involved in supporting iDrive? they seem to have the best prices, something like a terabyte for $40 a year.

i did find this:

it appears there is indeed a linux CLI available.


I just configured a number of my personal services to use my Dropbox account, I’ve definitely been liking the new cloud storage options!

I’m not too familiar with iDrive… I might suggest opening up a support request using the “Support” link above, and there Jamie can offer his thoughts on support for that.


i still think that iDrive offers the best value, IMHO - that $40 for a terabyte (year) is tough to beat.

any other opinions ?

I use Duplicity with personally, because Virtualmin GPL doesn’t support encrypting backups.