Virtualmin Pro & accounts containing @

I’m using Virtualmin for two years, and I’ve found it as an excellent replacement for other hosting panel I’ve used, which it was causing many unpleasant surprises. Now, I’d like to migrate to Virtualmin Pro, but I’ve read in the FAQ, that only supported MTA is Postfix. So, would You tell me if it is a possibility to keep existing users’ accounts in an email address form: username@domain ? AFAIK only Sendmail currently supports this feature in Virtualmin.

Hi Zbigniew,

I’m not sure off-hand if Postfix will deal with @ in usernames. I’ll have to give it a try and get back to you.

Also worth mentioning, I am also developing a minimal installer that will target users that are happy with the configuration of their existing Virtualmin GPL installations. It will only upgrade all of the components and install the new themes, but won’t touch Apache, the mail server, or any configuration details. I’m also going to try to make it more distribution neutral than the current installer script, though we’ll still want to use native packages for everything when appropriate. So, this new minimal functionality installer (which doesn’t exist in any complete form yet, and may end up as an option of the current may be more appropriate for your needs, if you’d rather keep sendmail.