Virtualmin Pre-Sale Question

I am looking for a free option for my offline test server, something that would make my life a little easier. I am interested in Virtualmin, though the GPL version says it has no Ruby on Rails support. Is this true? If so, is there any option of getting Pro free under a non-profit, test server clause?


“No support” does not mean that you cannot run RoR on GPL at all. It just means that the auto-configuration functions are not available, but you still can install and use anything you wish manually on your vservers.

Ok, if auto-configuration isn’t available, how would I go about configuring it? Also, my second question was never answered. Is there any type of free test server Pro available?


Is there a particular Rails application you’re interested in using? Many applications would offer instructions on how to get the full environment (including Rails) up and running.

However, the site details one way to get it setup:

Chances are, your distribution already offers both Ruby and Gems, you don’t likely need to install those. After that, all you’d need to do is run “gem install rails”.

The above URL provides a variety of additional details regarding all that.

As far as Pro goes – you’re welcome to take a peek at the online demo, using the “Demo” link above. Or, Virtualmin Pro comes with a 45 day return policy. If you buy it, and it doesn’t do what you want, you’re welcome to return it for any reason.