Virtualmin PowerDNS Plugin

Is the powerDNS plugin still maintained? Does it work with the latest releases of PowerDNS?

I see it in the Virtualmin GIT repos, but it is not available in the yum repos, so I am unsure if that is a sign that it is no longer maintained / supported.

Further, can it be used to connect to EXTERNAL powerDNS installations to manage DNS for virtual servers or only local powerDNS installations on the local server?

So, I have attempted to use this module and it seems to partially work. It create the zone in PowerDNS when you enable the module on a domain, however, Virtualmin does not show the DNS zone editor in the Virtual Server. It provides the “suggested DNS records” option instead of the “DNS Options” and “DNS Records” option to actually control the DNS records when using PowerDNS.

Is this an issue in the PowerDNS module because it is no longer maintained or something in the Virtualmin core?