Virtualmin - Post installation and directory locations for virtual hosts

Hi all,

Brand new to Webmin and Virtualmin and keen to see what they can do.

My question is about directories. At the moment I have a web root location of /var/www/html. A couple of the tutorials I’ve looked at suggest Virtualmin creates web directories under /home. Is this configurable or not? What’s the thinking behind using the home dir? I’ve only just started setting things up on this server so it’s not a big deal to move things around at thia stage.



Whenever you create a new Virtual Server in Virtualmin, it will create a new user account for that domain. That user account will be in /home/USERNAME by default.

The “suexec” application is setup to be able to run things from /home. It’s simplest to keep that there, though depending on your distro it may be possible to change it.

In addition to suexec, the thought is just that Virtualmin is largely designed for shared web hosting – since each shared web hosting account has a user associated with it, it seemed to make sense to place the web contents within user home directories in /home.

Within that user’s home directory will be a public_html folder – you can setup your website within that public_html folder.

Let us know if you have any other questions!


OK - think I’ve got it. So would give us a user called with a web root for that domain under /home/domainx/ … that it?

Thanks for your help.



Yeah the username is variable, depending on your settings, but that’s essentially it.

And then, under “/home/domainx/” would be a public_html directory, and in there is where the website files would go.

Also, email goes within the Maildir directory, and if you create any additional users (such as email users), a “/home/domainx/homes” directory would be created to hold those additional users.


I installed VirtualMin as an upload having downloaded the Ubuntu compatible package. Maybe that’s where things got a little non-standard :slight_smile:
Thanks again.