Virtualmin possibly stuck during a fresh restore ?

Hi guys … I have an under construction website deployed on a remote Virtualmin server, which I now want to install on a local VMware virtual machine (VM) … The VM was made from scratch, and I made sure that all stuff installed is the same on both … Both have same OS (CentOS 6.4 64bit), and same install version of Virtualmin, with all packages fully updated … I made a complete Virtualmin backup from the remote machine, in which I chose to include everything (my website, and virtualmin’s settings) … I now tried to import it on my fresh VM …

Problem is that the import is supposedly still running, and its at the stage “Extracting TAR file of home directory …” … It hasn’t given me any errors, but its been at this stage for like 2-3 hours so far ! Does it really take this long ?! Also, my website isn’t huge too … The total filesystem space used on the remote machine was like 3.5 GB …

So should I keep it running, or should I assume something’s gone wrong and its just sitting there ?

Also, the browsers icon is still revolving (like when a website is loading) … It’s been like this since the restore was started …


It normally shouldn’t take that long to restore a site of that size.

If you view the process list on your new server, do you see it still trying to run “tar”? Or did your browser perhaps timeout?

You may want to verify in Virtualmin that it didn’t actually complete properly – even if your browser timed out, it may have finished the process.


Well it’s running … been about 3-4 hours now at least …

I opened another browser window and opened up Webmin, and then the Running Processes view … I do see this mentioned for one of the processes there:

/bin/tar xvfX - /tmp/.webmin/838962_2703_8_restore.cgi

Since this process is showing up in the ‘Running Processes’ view, it can probably be assumed its still running. However if you look at the picture I’ve attached, it says the runtime for this process is 00:00:01 … So now really sure if its still running or not …


Hmm, if you log into your server over SSH, and run this command, what output do you receive (you can hit control-c if it keeps sending new output, but I suspect it’s going to be hung up on something and will just show a few lines):

strace -p 3225

Also, what is the output of this command:

df -h

Alright, so I’ve figured out the issue, and thought I should post back in case it helps others …

After my first failed attempt, I ran a second attempt to restore again. Again I made a fresh Centos VM, and this time decided to restore using the command prompt commands, by following the guide here:

Again, I experience the same delay at the step “Extracting TAR file of home directory …”, even though I was nowrecovering through the command prompt. This time I waited for 12 hours, to see if it goes past this, and it didn’t !

Then it hit me … ! I realized that the disk space I was giving to the VM might have been less (I was giving 5 GB) … I then decided to make a fresh VM (yet again!), but this time use 10 GB of space … And now the restore worked, beautifully ! After the restore, my site was 100% working :smiley: … Well, technically about 98%, as I had to install a few packages which the site needed, which Virtualmin was not dependent on … :stuck_out_tongue: