Virtualmin php upgrade


The SO / Webmin / Virtualmin versions are:

Operating system CentOS Linux 7.8.2003
Webmin version 1.953 Usermin version 1.802
Virtualmin version 6.10

Actually I’m running FCGId (run as virtual server owner). I uploaded an info.php file to the Virtual server and it shows me that I’m using PHP 7.2.24, however when i connect via SSH and run php -v the version is 5.4.16, I tried to create an alias to change the version but it does not work, also tried to use export path, but does not work.

Does anybody knows what should I do?


Orlando Gautier

It’s probably not in the repos you have installed.

Try (if not installed already)

yum install
yum install

Should be straightforward from there.


Helo Richard,

Just installed and it works!


My pleasure.


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