Virtualmin, PHP & SSH crashing on fresh Ubuntu install

I was successfully running 12 wordpress sites on a Ubuntu 8.04 VPS i was having some problems with java so decided to backup the sites and do a fresh install of Ubuntu 10.04. Got Virtualmin installed, all the sites back and online. Great.

That was last week, but this week i have found many problems, after a few hours the :10000 online management system stops, ssh refuses connections. Until i do a reboot the system serves client web pages but not ssh or virtualmin. Also PHP is being terrible, with PHP files taking ages to load and most of the time crashing the web server for all sites.

I don’t know how to sort out these problems, but whenever i do an install of Virtualmin on the same hardware and OS there are Always different problems.

Any help?

Thanks, Dave.

You should probably explain in more detail what you mean by “crashing the web server”. Did you check the error logs?

But since you mentioned "VPS, it is also likely that the main node for your VPS is overloaded and/or has network issues. What kind of VPS hosting did you get?