Virtualmin PHP issue with local connections


I have been running virtualmin for some years now with no real issue, however recently i thought i would upgrade my ubuntu OS along with the new version of webmin and virtualmin. Had no problems with it but i have noticed that out of the box that if i am on the same local network at the server and run PHP via a webpage that it displays a 404 page however when outside the local network it displays fine no issues - if i remove the PHP from the page then it displays both locally and externally.

Never seen this before and i would like some help as i can’t find anything in any apache or system logs.



Well, there’s reasons that an entire website might work differently when accessed via a LAN rather than externally… but it’s unusual to see just PHP doing that.

We might need to see what that PHP code is actually doing. How much code are we talking about – is that something you can post in here?


i have narrowed it down so that it is just somepages when they increase in what they are displaying like more PHP functions it must get to a point where it goes nope not displaying that but it works externally all the time.