Virtualmin Peformance Resource Monitor?

Currently I can see some basic information in Virtualmin about some of my system usages.

Before I start digging through the internet, I wanted to know if there is a real-time and/or historical performance monitor that is built in that I am over looking?




What sorts of things are you looking to monitor?

The GPL version can show bandwidth usage, per account and per-domain.

Virtualmin Pro offers a more in-depth system statistics monitor, where you can have it graph details over time.

For example, you can tell it to show CPU load over the last week.

Or if you think email is affecting CPU, you could have it show graphs for both CPU load and incoming email, which would allow you to see if there is a correlation between the two.

Those are just examples, there’s a number of things that can be graphed.


Hi Eric,

I’m looking for real time counters for CPU usage, memory usage, disk performance, bandwidth ect.

I’d also be interested in a MySQL monitor to keep tabs on how it is performing. phpmyadmin has some of these features but I’m looking for more refinement.