Virtualmin Page Not Found

Hello everybody. I have a small problem with my virtualmin. I use a url to acces virtualmin on my server, but every 1-2 weeks i get a Page not found when i try to acces it. It’s like there is a dns problem or something, but dns apears to be ok. How can i start debuging this?



When that occurs, is Webmin still running?

If you run this command, does that resolve the issue:

/etc/init.d/webmin restart

I don’t use ssh access because i don’t really need it. I have a virtual machine that i can access and reset all the processes “one click away”, and it gets back in less than a minute, with working webmin and virtualmin. So i never checked ssh when it was down. webmin restart has probably the same result. Full restart = everything works perfect. After 1-2 weeks, it’s page not found again.


Well, what you’re describing isn’t normal… to discover what’s causing that, we’d need to do some troubleshooting via SSH.

If you’d like to do that, let us know next time that happens and we can go over some troubleshooting steps.

If I had to take a guess though – I’d guess that your system is low on RAM, and that the Linux kernel may be removing the Webmin process in order to free up memory.


Thanks for the answer. I don’t think that ram is the problem. It’s usually at 400 MB used from 2 Gb total. Maybe a spike on the ram usage can create that problem. The good thing is that although it says page not found, the websites are running fine so i have plenty of time for debugging. I will replay here when it happens again.