Virtualmin over 2 servers?


I was wondering if this was possible?
I have 2 servers i am setting up.
I would like serverX to have just Apache running with possibly MySQL.
I would like serverY to have Mail and a few other things running.
Now i would like to run Virtualmin Pro on one server and Virtualmin GPL on the other.
Is it possible to set Pro on one server to setup the sites and then have to hook into GPL and setup up the services there?

for example, serverX has Pro running on it.
i setup the site, it setups up Apache and MySQL and then tells GPL to setup the mail server?


per haps it is better to have the mysql running on the other box as that can be resource intensive. mail not so much.

yes you can connect multiple servers together with webmin. i have 3 connected. 1 pro + 2x gpl

Is it possible to make the process automatic?

The FAQ has many wonderful things to say on the topic:,com_openwiki/Itemid,48/id,frequently_asked_questions/#can_i_run_each_service_on_a_different_machine