Virtualmin (open source) is unusable by lack of adequate documentation

Rocky Linux 91.
Virtualmin version Latest (Dec 4 2022)

I have spend much more time trying to just install Virtualmin on Rocky Linux (9.1) than expected.
The main problem, is lack of decent, adequate documentation

The reply to my posting here, was quick, but just three very long and hard to follow videos.
No video will ever replace a decent documentation (ideally clean concise PDF format so it can be printed!)

So I gave up : what the point to use Virtualmin if it takes longer that the tedious however working manual install (on RHEL 9.x and derivatives) ?

Suggest : Stop indulging in this futile exercise of making a video as a substitute to a clean, concise, well written user’s manual.

Sorry for the criticism, but this topic is important.

Adequate documentation is important, we can all agree. To install Virtualmin, have you looked at this:

After installing Virtualmin, use Virtualmin → Create Virtual Server and point the domain’s DNS A record to the IP address of your virtualmin server. That’s all there is to it.

Where did you go wrong exactly?

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I have been testing RHEL 9 but not the derivatives, and to install it needs this:

wget -O


The next release of the installer should include these fixes.

Where did you run into problems? I haven’t tried Rocky 9, but on every other OS it was basically a matter of downloading the installer and letting it run while I had a cup of coffee.


So just downloading and running it then having a coffee and or beer needs documentation ? I would guess virtualmin relies on you having a modicum of linux savvy with the post set up routine & there after setting up domains

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I Have to agree. Who needs (reads) documentation anyway? Call me old school but I only read documentation when my intuition fails me and these days there are always forums and live folk that frequently do explanations it much better. I don’t even watch You Tube (I can do without that).

So if the problem is specific to your choice of Rocky Linux why not be more specific so it might be fixed or others on here who have that particular choice of Linux and have it working can help you fix it?

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You should not do a manual installation, especially if the automated installation is proving difficult for you.

If you are having a problem downloading the install script and running it, tell us what problem you’re having. I don’t know how to make the install easier than it already is.

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