Virtualmin only loading

Operating system: CentOS Linux 7.9.2009
Virtualmin version 6.14
Local disk space 879.5 GiB used / 43.72 GiB free / 923.23 GiB total
CPU load averages 0.69 (1 min) 0.67 (5 mins) 0.81 (15 mins)

all pages are loading fast but when trying to change, save, or create anything it only loading and loading never ends. means I am trying to enable MySQL Database in virtual server from 1.5 hours it is still loading. before this, I tried to create a sub server but the same problem, only loading. I have just updated all packages. before updating packages there is no problem.


You are out of disc space.

You should always have a minimum of 15% of your disc space empty. It’s recommended to carry 20% empty.

Presently, you only have 4.7% of your disc free. You’re computer is locking down because you don’t have enough free space to operate properly.

hi, thanks for your reply I calculated all websites disk usage, it is hardly using 120GB + 30GB(of backups) but in local disk space shows 879.5 GiB used / 43.72 GiB free / 923.23 GiB total. i don’t why it shows that much usage. but would you suggest me how to decrease the usage of Local disk space? and also how to check which files using that much space?


Hi, highly usage could be errors, check the logs, perhaps php is giving you fingers and each time site is loaded you add some bites to the file… Shit code can turn 8 kbs website to gigs of data.

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Like you said, first of all you need to know where the high disk usage is.
In the cli, do:

cd /
du -sh *

This will give you a hint as to which directory is taking up space.
If logs (likely) it will show that /var is taking a lot of space f.ex.
‘cd /var’ and repeat until you find the culprit.

hello, I am new and unfamiliar with Webmin and Virtualmin. but I checked /var/log/messages it shows this

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