Virtualmin on Ubuntu 10.10 LTS

I know that Ubuntu 10.04 works ok and indeed we have pushed a few servers out now with both on and all seems fine but does anyone know if the recently 10.10 is working ok?? as we have a school to push out too next week


The Virtualmin installer only supports the Ubuntu LTS (Long Term Support) releases. And only 10.04 is an LTS release, the more recent 10.10 isn’t an LTS release :slight_smile:

So unfortunately, no, 10.10 won’t be supported.

As far as pushing out Ubuntu 10.10, you might consider sticking with 10.04 for servers – it’s supported longer, meaning you don’t have to go messing with the server as often.



Unfortunately, the Virtualmin install script will only be supported on LTS releases, as they’re the best suited for servers. That leaves you with a few options:

  1. You can manually install Virtualmin, though that’s difficult and time consuming :slight_smile: But, there are instructions for that here:

  2. You can always purchase your hardware from a different provider :slight_smile: If you have a vendor you trust though, I completely understand not wanting to do that. Which may make option 3 a good choice –

  3. You could buy the server with 10.10 installed, but put 10.04 LTS release on it in place of the original operating system.

I honestly don’t recommend option #1, as it really takes a lot of work to get Virtualmin running manually. If you have the option of installing 10.04 after the fact, that might be a good option.


Yes, I guess I will figure out a way to install ubuntu 10.04 LTS release instead. Or I should just migrate to their debian alternative which is supported by virtualmin.

Thanks for the prompt reply. So far, I’m liking documentation and user forums. I’m looking forward to using virtualmin very soon!

My suggestion would be to change the topic of this post, it might confuse users if they read “Ubuntu 10.10 LTS” while that version is not an LTS. :slight_smile: