Virtualmin on server local

hello my question is if you can raise virtualmin on a local server and not in a vps or cloud.

Sure you can, but you probably shouldn’t. If you search the forums you’ll find dozens or hundreds of posts from people having trouble with such a configuration (nothing to do with Virtualmin, running hosting on a residential network connection is just not really a reasonable thing to do).

thanks Joe! I’d still like to try. Do you have any material at hand where you can guide me? I would be very grateful

Perhaps the first question to ask yourself is what will you use the server for? There are plenty of online guides, just google around. First call isn’t about Virtualmin but how to setup a basic server and manage it.

I have searched a lot online but I can only find how to do it from VPS or cloud.
I want to do to host a web and mailserver on centos7.

The DNS record of the domain provider is pointing to my host but without any result, I only managed to send emails.

Just follow the danged instructions on the download page.