Virtualmin on MS Azure Linux machine - RH 8 did not work

System information: OS Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and Redhat 8. Virtualmin version: Default GPL installation version pr 23 of may 2022. (Using the install script.)

I first tried to install Virtualmin on Redhat 8 on Microsoft Azure. It just came up an error msg that repositories were not found. (For RedHat 8, how can that be?)

I then made a new virtual server and changed over to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. This workrked fine and with no problems. (Except that the Ubuntu installation does have a quota limitation, in admin panel like that the RH version have.)

The Ubuntu version works qute fine for me, so that the question is more of curiosity than any need, but I just wonder - What did I do wrong? Hen I installed on Ubuntu I was a “sudoer” with reduced priveliges. When I tried to install on RH 8 I was root and stood i the root home directory. Could that be a difference? Except for that I just followed the installationguide on this website. (For the all automatic installation script.)

Or could it be something “non standard properties” with the Redhat 8 version used on Microsoft Azure?

We need to see the exact errors.

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