Virtualmin on digital ocean DNS problems

Ok I have virtualmin setup and working on Digital Ocean. The main domain for the droplet is I pointed the domains name servers at etc and it works I can access the root www for

But how do I get the mx records setup right for this domain? I tried putting in as the hostname in the mx record and priority 1 but its does not work. What should the host name be in this mx record? And do I need to do anything in virutalmin. As far as i can see the mail account is setup but I cant connect to it from my thunderbird.

Also is there anything I need to do in Virtualmin to get multiple Virtual servers running with their own domains and emails running?


Does it work if you configure Thunderbird to use the IP address of your server, rather than a domain name?

The key though is that the MX record would need to use a hostname/domain name that resolves to your IP address.

The actual name you use doesn’t matter, so long as it’s defined in your providers DNS, and that it resolves to your server.

If you’re using Digital Ocean as your DNS provider, then there shouldn’t be anything that needs to be configured in Virtualmin. However, you can verify that by attempting to connect to your server using the IP address.