Virtualmin on Debian 3.1 on amd64 arch

Cannot install virtualmin on Debian 3.1 on amd64 architecture.

The problem is that apt is using architecture string ‘amd64’ where virutalmin packages are stored on virtualmin server in the binary-x86_64 directory.

Besides it seems that not all packages are present for amd64.

Hey Eugene,

Yep, 64 bit isn’t supported yet for Debian. I think I’m gonna wrap up the builds by tonight or tomorrow, though.

How can I know when it’s ready?

Now I see that amd64 packages are ready. I’m sorry, but I need x86_64, too. I have purchased virtualmin license and can provide details if needed.

Hey Eugene,

amd64 is what Debian calls x86_64. The two are identical. It’s just a misnomer on the part of the Debian folks. I’m running it on an Intel Core 2 Duo as we speak–it is not specific to AMD processors. (And, as far as I know, nobody uses ia64 boxes for hosting. They’re too darned expensive.)

Note that it isn’t officially supported yet, as I’m still testing and working on the actual install process–I don’t know if it will actually work, as is. It’ll be ready by this evening. I will announce support on the front page in the News section and in the News forum as soon as it is ready for mass consumption.

Thanks for your patience!