Virtualmin on Centos5 with Script


I’ve just got a new dedicated server and the host is putting Centos 5 on it for me. I plan to use webmin/virtualmin and install using the script, and the host is giving me 2 setup options for centos :

  1. SSH only install
  2. Install with all the "server install" software, apache, mysql, php etc

Which should I choose?

Also I’ve read through the forums and manuals and get a conflict to what I should do before running the script.

The quick setup guide just says to run and go from there, however the detailed install and forums says to run up2date first to update everything then run the script. Which is the better option? And is there anything else I should do before running the script?


Either type of install will work fine, assuming they don’t use some oddball packages…might be better just to go with the SSH install to be sure there are no odd repositories in use.

On CentOS and RHEL 5 up2date has been deprecated in favor of yum (thank goodness! up2date sucked!). So, I do recommend you do a yum update, but it’s not vital. up2date had to be run because it was broken by design and always enabled the “–configure” option on first run…this caused our to silently stall and hang forever. Lots of confused users from this issue. yum does not have this mis-feature. But it’s nice to know in advance of running that yum is properly configured and packages can be downloaded and installed using it– uses yum for nearly everything, so if it doesn’t work, is completely useless.


Thanks for answering my questions so quickly. It looks like I’ll go with a ssh install and do a yum update prior to running the install script.

I’m not certain if they will put perl on the system, so I may have to use yum to install that also prior to running the install script.

I’m going to test the install on a local system tomorrow (hopefully) and if all goes well I’ll try it on the dedicate remote server. I just don’t want to mess up and have to pay for a reinstall of the OS haha.

Thanks again.