Virtualmin on AWS Lightsail

So i am trying to install/setup Virtualmin on a small Lightsail instance on AWS.

It installs fine and gives me the "Virtualmin should be ready to configure at https://ip-

The issue is, that IP listed is the lightsail Internal IP, not my public IP. Any one knowledgeable on what i am missing?

Just go to the public IP instead? Virtualmin can’t possibly know what the external IP is at this stage.

I try that, but i dont get anywhere. Im familiar with Ubuntu(the AWS OS i have installed)…im curious if there is a network setting on the AWS side i am missing.

So i forgot to add my firewall rules lol…

But now im to my next hurdle…AWS has us connecting via SSH. But Virtualmin initial login wants root + password…we dont get to know the password since we connect via the SSH by default from AWS.

and last one, im a dummy…i just used the command:

sudo passwd root

While SSH’d in…lol im all set

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