Virtualmin on AWS EC2 (Amazon)

This is a 2 question post:

I followed the guide at
and sucessfully launched an EC2 instance with virtualmin.

But I could not resize this instance to use it under the free AWS tier (613MB RAM), thus the 1st question
1) is ti possible to resize a m1.small instance to t1.micro ?

Given that this is NOT the best place for EC2 support, I went ahead and deployed an Amazon Linux EC2 x86_64 instance (ami-c7c99982). I then installed the LAMP stack on it. When I ran, I got “Failed to detect operating system”. Given that Amazon Linux is based on CentOS, Virtualmin should work on it, but we will have to wait a bit for that (see

2) Any recommendations of a Virtualmin or at least LAMP ready EC2 image that can be run under the free tier?

Thank you in advance!

I’m unfortunately not certain of the answer to your first question.

As far as Amazon Linux – support for that is in the works. It’s similar to CentOS/RHEL. There’s some adjustments to the install script and the software repositories that need to be made, but once all that is completed, Amazon Linux should work. Keep your eyes out in the News forum and/or the OS Support page for details regarding it:

In the meantime – the only supported distros are those listed at the above link. Unless Amazon offers one of those distros, Virtualmin wouldn’t support it out of the box.


I’ve sucessfully created an EC2 image that is fully configured to my needs. Now I can launch and terminate instances as needed. The question at this point is, since the hostname is configured during webmin install, how would I change it (via SSH) after launching a new instance from this image?

Thanks Eric. I found one that works! If anyone ever needs to deploy Virtualmin GPL on the AWS free tier use ami-a14f1ce4.