Virtualmin ok but no website working

Operating system: Ubuntu
**OS version:**18.04
I don’t know what is happening, virtualmin is working ok, but none of the websites mounted on the server. I have checked quotas, and validate virtual servers, everything seems to be ok.
I notice that there is a process /usr/bin/clamscan using a lot of processor ressource. I have desactivated spammassassin process but clamscan is still working.
Thank if you can help.


This may be because of high CPU usage on your server, can you share specifications of your server, also output of this one free -mh

The server is
Intel Xeon E5-1650v3 - 64GB DDR4 ECC 2133MHz - 2x SSD SATA 480GB

Output of free-mh:
total usado libre compartido búfer/caché disponible
Memoria: 62G 2,7G 57G 39M 2,8G 59G
Swap: 1,0G 0B 1,0G

server with the said specifications seems fine also You’ve lot of room available on your RAM as well,
can you please explain what exactly you meant from “sites not mounting on server” ?

You can’t use clamscan, anymore. It is simply not reasonable on any size system. clamdscan is the only usable option for virus scanning, and the only way Virtualmin will offer to set it up in current installs.

SpamAssassin is not clamscan. Disable virus scanning if you want to stop using ClamAV.

Your problem description about websites does not provide enough information to help you. I don’t know what “websites mounted on the server” means. Are you getting an error? Are you sure DNS is working?

Thanks for your answers, I desactivate clamscan apamassassin and other features, and finally I realized that the problem was Apache that was overloaded. I changed parameters MaxSpareServers, MaxRequestWorkers and MaxConnectionsPerChild, and the problem disepeared.

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