Virtualmin now missing from webmin - any pointers to what could have happened?

Bit of background to what happened:
We are setting up a system at the moment. We had the hosting company set up one server with Webmin and Virtualmin on it (WEB1). We then had them set up a second one with the same set up (WEB2 - which had become the main working copy).
Operating system Redhat Enterprise Linux 6
Webmin version 1.540

We have Webmin and VirtualMin direct server access so can set stuff up our selves. But we have prefered to have the hosting company do most of the setup as they are server experts whereas we are developers.
We set up a number of Virtual servers up on WEB2. We then asked the hosting company to decomminssion WEB1 and redo it as a clone of WEB2.

I was working on WEB2 renaming one of the virtual server locations. At the same time the hosting company were decommisioning WEB1. Suddenly Vitualmin dissapeared from Webmin completely. The entry in the left hand Server menu for Virtual servers is now missing. Also the main Apache server page no longer has the big tabbed server listing page which allows you to access the general config such as htpd.conf etc.
However the virtual websites look to operating fine, and a direct access check of the httpd.conf file shows it to still have all the virtual server entries. So the server is still working. But the Webmin admin areas for virtualmin have gone. Looks to me like either a config screw up (my fault perhaps whilst working on WEB2 ?). Or maybe something on WEB2 that was set to point to WEB1 and has now broken when WEB1 was decommissioned.

The hosting company are stumped (apparently they are not Virtualmin experts) so may not be much help in figuring it out. I’m a developer not a server admin, so have limited knowledge of Virtualmin, Webmin or even server admin in geenral. But it looks to have fallen to me to figure it all out.

I’m going through the documentation and checking the install etc. But any pointers as to what the problem could be, or config files or areas that I should check etc. would be most appreciated.
In particular are there any config settings that could have been cloned or set up pointing to another server?

An iniital go through the forum pages and a quick search has not pulled up anything obvious. But there may be stuff there when I dig in deeper, so apologies if this has been covered before.


Hmm, that’s an unusual issue!

What output do you receive if you run this command:

rpm -qa | grep virtual-server

That will show what Virtualmin related modules are currently installed.

It’s possible that Virtualmin was uninstalled. It’s also possible that Virtualmin is still there, but that something caused the theme to switch to the Webmin default theme, which wouldn’t show Virtualmin.



Sounds like you need a provider who understands Cloudmin/Webmin/Virtualmin (me) :slight_smile:

Anyways, send me an email and perhaps we can get your system working again over a screen sharing session.

Best Regards, Peter Knowles TPN Solutions

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Sorry for the delay responding.

I added in the Virtualmin theme but still can’t see the virtual servers.
The grep command gives:

rpm -qa | grep virtual-server

Something there but looks a little thin on the modules to me.
Has the install disapeared?

We are now though looking at maybe redoing the server with Plesk as they actually support that.
Virtualmin is better, but if they
We actually asked for Plesk at the start as we knew they used it on our other servers with them. But they said we couldn’t do it on the partucular servers we wanted. The tech support team have now said they can put Plesk on them.
Lesson 1) Never trust anythign the salesmen say…


Our company offers Virtualmin paid support for minimal costs ($40 - $80 per ticket), so if you do need support for GPL version you can email us, we don’t bite :slight_smile: Further our company does offer hosting with full Virtualmin support should you wish to give us a try.

*** If you own Virtualmin Pro, support is included in the cost of your license, as well our company poke in from to time and offer FREE support on issues when possible. ***

Also, if you would like to learn the basics of Virtualmin you are welcome to book a FREE training session with me. I offer these sessions generally on the weekend (during my free time) and am happy to help you gain a greater understanding of Virtualmin.

Personally, on a non-bias point, I’d recommend sticking it out with Virtualmin as it’s far more powerful and requires less resources then Plesk. The choice is ultimately your’s, but my point is don’t switch for the wrong reasons.

Best Regards, Peter Knowles TPN Solutions

P: 604-782-9342