Virtualmin Not working

OS type and version CentOS 7
Webmin version 2.001
Virtualmin version 7.5.gpl
Related packages SUGGESTED

VirtualMin is not loading. Here is a screenshot of the error .While installing packages the following error appears.

Error: Package: 2:postfix-2.10.1-9.el7.x86_64 (base)
Error: Package: 2:postfix-2.10.1-9.el7.x86_64 (base)
You could try using --skip-broken to work around the problem
You could try running: rpm -Va --nofiles --nodigest

Any help is appreciated.

You should not be doing a new install on CentOS 7. it is over six years old.

If you like free RHEL-based distributions, we support Rocky and Alma Linux 8 and 9 (8 is best tested).

But, to answer your question: Your package manager is broken. I dunno why. We use the OS standard packages for almost everything, and if you can’t install packages for our dependencies, like Postfix, from your OS repos Virtualmin cannot work. This is specific to your system, though, as people have successfully installed on CentOS 7 recently (for some reason I cannot fathom, people keep installing it on a six year old OS).

This is a Virtualmin installation issue, not a Virtualmin issue. The Virtualmin installation process failed, and you shouldn’t proceed past that and start poking around in Virtualmin. Fix the installation, don’t try to make Virtualmin pretend the system is OK.

I just installed a new Virtual Machine with Rocky Linux 9.1 + Virtualmin and it is working pretty good.

My guess is that many people don’t know yet that CentOS changed to be stream instead of the stable release Red Hat compatibles it used to be and that made many switch to other distributions (Red Hat with free edition, Rocky or Alma Linux that now are binary compatibles like CentOS used to be).

Thank you for the suggestion. I am trying to install MySQL instead of MariaDB. Can you please give any suggestion ?

I’ve posted the answer to that question many times in the forums, though mostly for Ubuntu (since we moved away from MySQL on CentOS many years ago, but only recently for Ubuntu so there are more stragglers with MySQL databases on Ubuntu). But, I recommend you search the forum for further discussion.

But, briefly, if you are sure you need to switch to MySQL (most people do not, and should not):

  1. Install Virtualmin on a freshly installed, grade A supported OS. Do not preinstall anything! Follow the documentation! We’re very clear about this. If you know you’re changing the database, don’t run the postinstall wizard yet.
  2. Install MySQL. Make sure MariaDB is gone.
  3. Now run the postinstall wizard.

This is not going to be easy on CentOS, though, for a variety of reasons. Unlike on Ubuntu, there is no MySQL package in the OS repos (I don’t think?), so you’ll be getting it from a third party repo, and the locations it uses and the configuration it uses will not match the OS standard locations and will probably need to be adjusted in the Webmin MySQL module configuration (how to start/stop, where the config files live, etc.). I don’t have any direct experience with switching on CentOS (or anywhere else), because I exclusively use MariaDB and I recommend you use MariaDB.

Anyway, please open new topics for new questions, if you want to follow up with more MySQL questions. This started as a “Virtualmin not working” topic. Switching to MySQL is not on topic for a thread that started that way.

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