virtualmin not working after restart and every time i have to maually start by /etc/init.d/webmin start

Hi Virtualmin guys,

i am linux admin but i found something strange over my virtualmin/webmin/usermin. The probelm is after enabling the network interface and assigned the ip to dyndns i am getting unusual problems like after restarting my network interface (eth0:1) wont get up along with boot. all the virtualmin and usermin & webmin i have manually start.

I tried to locate the miniserve.log unfortunately i couldn’t found that. under /var/log/webmin…

But one thing i’m sure my network interface wont start along with boot up process so i have to manually start the virtualmin also stops at boot up.

Please guys any advice…

check under network interfaces in webmin. There is a specific settings for bootstart of network interfaces.

Hope to help you.