Virtualmin not creating web documents in /var/www/

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Yes, I'm new to the virtualmin package however, i have had much success in installing the software -- very smooth! My issue is that when i create a web location on the local box instead of going into /var/www/ it creates the location in the home folder. 

I have disabled the suexec, and changed the apache data to reflect /var/www/ instead of ${home} which for some reason keeps reverting back to the ${home} string. Any suggestions? ANY help would be much appreciated. 

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My issue is that when i create a web location on the local box instead of going into /var/www/ it creates the location in the home folder.

This isn’t an issue. This is great! :wink:

But, if you really want user homes to live in /var/www you’ll need to alter configuration. In Virtualmin’s Module Config, look in “Defaults for new domains” and set the “Home directory base” to /var/www.

There may be other aspects of the system that need to know about this change…but most are gonna correctly use $HOME.


Thanks for the reply, It’s rather odd to me that it uses the home directory (not 100% however, i’m used to, Ubuntu using /var/www/). I didn’t see the bottom where i was supposed to check to be notified, and thus the reason for not replying in a timely fashion.

I have gotten it working, and am now having BIND issues. UGH! Will work through it, i must say that this virtual product is quite impressive and i’d love to learn more. Any resources in paperback? or possibly PDF?


Any resources in paperback? or possibly PDF?

Currently no. Webmin has two books available (one by Jamie and one by me; Jamie’s was comprehensive in 2003, mine is more newbie-friendly but covers less ground; both are still in print and available from Amazon, but are a little out of date these days). We merged them a year or two ago and imported them into a wiki:

The Modules page is probably the one you want, though the tutorials have some interesting coverage as well, specifically with regard to troubleshooting and such.

And, of course, we have several hundred pages worth of docs in the Documentation section here at, as well.

All of this stuff is getting major overhaul as we speak for the new converged website (,, and are all merging into a single website soon–old URLs will continue to work, but everything will be centralized and better organized). I may be able to turn on PDF export for the docs in the new Drupal website…but print and PDF isn’t really a priority. Browsing and searching the web versions just generally works so much better than loading up Acrobat Reader.

Also, there is online help for a lot of stuff within Virtualmin. Most options can be clicked for a help popup (with more help being added in every new version; eventually we’ll have 100% help file coverage).

Oops, that link should be:

Something broke in my TWiki install during the last upgrade…Urgh…TWiki is too complicated for its own good.


Cool rock on dude. I shall check those out. I found a few resources in regard to the help docs; which i'm checking out. It's just the whole new "exposure" to new frameworks that gets me. I just have to master 3 portions and everything else will fall into place for me. Thanks for the help, and best of luck with the projects at hand.

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