Virtualmin Not Accesible Externally

Here’s whats weird:

I have everything on an ESxi / Vmware box. I have an older virtualmin/webmin setup & it works just fine. I created a new Virtual Machine using the same steps as I did previously, this time with CentOS 7 & the latest Virtualmin, Apache, Php, MariaDb, etc…

My firewall is pfSense, and all I’m doing is 1:1 forwarding with external ips to the internal machine.

public-ip-oldmachine --> 192.168.internal.old-machine
public-ip-newmachine -->

Old system works as it should.
New system I can properly access hosted websites, both on the internal & external network, but virtualmin itself is only accessible via https://192.168.1.XX. I’ve tried it with both hostname & ipaddress and on internal & external networks and it hangs. There’s no way port 10000 is blocked on the client side, since I can get to the old system.

I’ve narrowed this down to a pfSense issue. For some reason, the 1:1 ip mapping is not working correctly for the new setup. If I manually add a rule to forward 10000 from the public ip to the internal machine, it works. Will have to figure this one out, but at least I know where the issue lies.

hi mike, from what you typed here i understand that you have box1 = older version server and you have box2 = latest one, all on same network, well then configure your network correctly with ports - as you know you can access box1 from outside and inside via separate ips so if you want them both from outside - I am afraid that you would need to use different ports - there is tons of manuals on internet - but thow servers on port 80 for example cannot run - you would have one or other. - make decision - want to run latest out ? put it correct ports to correct ip of latest server and take older one down or use it on you local net as backup or something.

I have it solved. PfSense did not load the new 1:1 map rule.
As far as the ports, it’s not necessary. Each machine is assigned it’s own internal ip address, and each has it’s own external ip. VmWare is set up so all incoming connections go through a WAN adapter. The WAN adapter connects to a pfSense Virtual machine running the firewall, then all of my other VM’s are behind that. It basically knows by destination ip which VM to send traffic to. I have separate machines running for Windows Server, SQL server, MySQL server, Old Centos, New Centos, etc… This setup has served me well for the past few years. Simply build another (or upgrade one aspect) without minimal to zero downtime on live machines.

glad to hear you solved the issue :slight_smile: