Virtualmin Nginx does it need PHP-FPM ?

Hi Guys,
I have been experimenting with Virtualmin and Nginx, It seems to be working well together and is easy to setup…

But I have been wondering if its the best setup or implementation of Nginx with Virtualmin… There are so many guides on the internet of bare LEMP setups and most of the have PHP-FPM installed along side it…

My question “Is PHP-FPM needed in a Virtualmin setup ?” Is there some sort of own implementation build in to Virtualmin already (of PHP-FPM type feature) or is this a feature I can add using the default PHP-FPM type install (Will this even work with Virtualmin ? )…

Any Input would be great guys… :wink:

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Nope, Virtualmin doesn’t require PHP-FPM for that setup, it uses FCGID.


Hi Eric… Thanks for the reply, So is FCGID a alternative to PHP-FPM ? I thought PHP-FPM managed FCGID processes ? …

My understanding is PHP-FPM opens and closes PHP processes saving memory and helping load… Is this the case ? … Does Virtualmin standard Nginx setup have this type of feature for managing PHP processes ? (If so is it a better option than PHP-FPM in a Virtualmin Nginx setup ? )

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