Virtualmin nginx/centos/php7

I was lucking but couldn’t find anything about virtualmin/nginx/php7/centos6.
Nginx with php 5.6 works fine, is there a proper way to launch with php 7?

Use CentOS 7.

The next version of the Virtualmin 6 beta installer will provide a command line switch to install nginx (and PHP7 is installed by default). But, CentOS 6 will also have the option, but it’s gonna be missing a few things, and have much older versions of all of the other packages. There’s no reason to deploy a new server with CentOS 6, today.

I’m testing the new installer (with nginx bundle support) now, and should have it in the repos sometime tomorrow.

I would use centos 7 but there is no option at my vps at the moment to use it.

If your hosting company doesnt offer Centos 7 with VPS maybe is time to find a better hosting company.

It’s not me who choose VPS provider. Project is free and it’s not giving any profit. So the most important is price at the moment.
I have one more question about webmin.
I am more directadmin user.
Directadmin had a list of supported service.
Now if edit conf file manually and want directadmin to able to update it I had to put this conf file in to separate folder.
How webmin works?
Do you guys support software update, and how you guys solve conf file overwrite?

Because now I manually added php 7 to debian 8 and change some conf files.