Virtualmin naming conventions

I over the past week or so been really getting my hand dirty in mail servers. I note that Virtualmin uses terms such as canonical mapping, Virtual Domains, Local Delivery etc. However, when i look at other sources of documentation for Postfix, these terms are not accurate enough for the newbie to follow without confusion.

For example:
Postfix terms:
Shared domains
Virtual Alias domains
Virtual Mailbox domains
Mail forwarding domains

How are the above referenced in Virtualmin?

in virtualmin, Can we rename the virtualmin terms back to match those used by postfix?

In all fairness, it’s good to know what they do or mean in terms of Postfix - but I think in the majority of cases, Virtualmin takes care of what it needs to add and where, when you add a new Virtual Server & \or enable mail for it, along with adding mail aliases.

Very few folk need to tinker with those directly in the Postfix config files.

Perhaps not the answer you were looking for. :wink:

I dont mind the answer Dibbs, this is a topic that has been alluded to in other areas of this forum.
To be honest, i think what is needed in the Virtualmin docs is a section dedicated to naming conventions…a translator so to speak. Confusion leads to problems, reducing confusion makes for happy users. If one was able to go to that area and use it to reference such things, I think less issues would be posted on these forums.