Virtualmin - Module spam does not exist

Hi there

I recently start exploring VPSs and opted to go with virtualmin and have currently 2 VPSs running great with ubuntu 14.04LTS.


On one of them, I started seeing a message “Module spam does not exist” everytime I go to an account settings page, and nothing else.

I guess its’s related to spamassassin which was eating away my cpu and I manually killed it and restarted. And it’s running:

service spamassassin status

  • spamd is running

Don’t know where to go from here. Can anybody help?


It shouldn’t be a problem to restart the SpamAssassin process, you should be able to do that as often as you like. It sounds like what you’re seeing may be another issue, though I’m not sure what at the moment.

You’re saying it works fine on the other server?

And just to clarify, what screen is it you’re going to where you see that error?

Lastly, if you look in System Settings -> Feature and Plugins, is the “Spam filtering” feature enabled?


Yup, everythings fine on the other one.

That error comes up on all virtual server related pages, like

“System settings”? No longer there… Just “Module spam does not exist”