Virtualmin - mirroring

I have a VPS box in NY and another one in IL. I want to utilize both the boxes to keep sites online (incase one goes down). How can I:

a. Replicate content and settings from NY VPS to IL VPS?
b. Since Bind will be running on both instances, how do the nameservers need to be setup for domains hosted in both places?
c. How can I make multiple A records pointing to differnt IPs automatically?
eg. in A and in A
(where and are IPs from NY/ IL VPS)

I am trying to make it such that there is little downtime incase one VPS goes down… Does VirtualMin allow such configuration?

A. Replication is a complex topic and not really extensively covered by Virtualmin. First of all, does you setup use a master-slave scheme or will both sides undergo changes during regular operation?

B. You could set up both boxes mutually as DNS slave for each other, using the DNS cluster slave function in Webmin’s bind module.

C. You can put the appropriate zone records into the bind section of the server templates.