virtualmin migration to a new blank virtualmin server

i need to move all of my virtual servers on Google Cloud Compute across to a new virtualmin server on Vultr.

I was hoping that the backup destination option Webmin Server would work.

I went to my Vultr console and ensured that port tcp 10000 is open to all external

I have not selected “create destination directory”

I selected Webmin as the destination,
Webmin server = “new server ip address”
File on server = /var/backups/
Login as user = root
with password = “mypassword”

i get a timeout error.
I note that in the error it mentions port 10001 (why is that?) Do i need to open more than just port 10000?

Does this method even work under the circumstances i am trying to use it?

Try this:

So does this mean the backup and restore option from within the Virtualmin GUI is not functioning correctly?