Virtualmin migration restore issue w/remote mysql database

I am hoping that someone can help me out. I am in the process of migrating all of my virtual servers.
The mysql database is on another server. VIrtualmin is pointed at the remote mysql server on both virtualmin servers.
The issue i am running into is that when trying to restore on the destination, it tries to create a new user with the site name, but fails since the database already has an entry matching it.

here is what i am doing>>>>>> (Server does not exist, will be re-created)
Virtual server password, description and other details
Administration user’s password, quota and Cron jobs
Server’s home directory and web pages
Mail/FTP users and mail aliases
Apache webserver configuration
Webalizer configuration and schedule
Apache SSL webserver configuration and certificate
Webmin ACL files
Logrotate configuration for log file
DAV users file

But then I get the following>>>>
Starting restore of 1 domains from local file /back/backup/toweb2/ …

Extracting backup archive file …
… done

Re-creating virtual server
… a clash was detected : A MySQL user named already exists

… failed! See the progress output above for the reason why.

And I am looking for a resolution for it…let you know if I find anything…