Virtualmin migration error; what to do?

I am migrating Vfrtualmin virtual servers from one box to another. When I try to restore the virtual servers I get the following error message and the restore stops.

SSL cannot be enabled for more than one domain on the IP address unless a virtual IP interface or private port is enabled, or the certificate can be used for this domain.

Each virtual server domain had its own let’s encrypt cert. How do I work around this?

How do I work around this?


Don’t choose SSL feature upon restore and re-enable it later.

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What is the command line switch for this?

Can’t you do it in the web based GUI? Command line looks more complicated.


The switch is --disable-features; or something along that line. However, the virtualmin backup is corrupted. I won’t use it again in the future; lost two websites. In the future I will just export the databases and tarball the site files and not worry about anything else and then create the virtual servers manually on the new server. For whatever reason the virtualmin migration didn’t go well. I am not blaming virtualmin; I think it got confused on how I had the sites set up or something. Whatever the reason I will just do manual migrations in the future.

Thats not good. I haven’t tried backup and restore.
Command line docs for restore
I only see --feature to allow a feature or --all-features that why using the GUI would be better as you can select the features by ticking the ones you want.

I am not sure what went wrong this time; could have been something outside of Virtualmin. Last night I did a backup to a remote site using the GUI and it all went smooth as silk, Oops do happen.