Virtualmin Mailbox Signup doesn't show most domain

On my server, if I go to Webmin->System->Virtualmin Mailbox Signup, it only shows 3 domains and one subdomain in the drop down box. It should show quite a few more, if it’s supposed to have all domains.

I signed in as root in this case. Is this module recommended for use at all?

I’m looking for a more streamlined process to create new mailboxes quickly, since there still is no “temporary” mailbox capability in the system which would allow me to use a new mailbox for every registration, every “unknown” contact, etc.

It’s recommended for a very specific purpose…and one that I’m not sure a lot of people have. It allows creation by anyone of an email account (with optional CAPTCHA support to help prevent bots). It is generally used by folks to allow their employees to create mailboxes…I wouldn’t think it would be appropriate for a general hosting situation.

But, if you’re not seeing domains in the list that have mail enabled, that’s probably a bug-like. If you would want to use the module (again, think it through…this very special purpose module might not fit your needs), file a bug, and it’ll get fixed.