Virtualmin local disk space massively incorrect

Hello Virtualmin community,

We currently host a server using Virtualmin however the local disk space is showing around 5x as much as df -h is showing. I have tried recalculating and it doesn’t resolve my issue. Is this a known issue or is something I’ve done wrong?

EDIT: The quotes are also incorrect for each virtual server as well.

Any responses are appreciated.

Do you want us to guess your operating system and version or will you tell us? (This area is all kinds of OS specific, and sometimes formats of the info we use changes.)

Oh sorry, the operating system is Centos 7 and is using the latest version of Virtualmin.

Huh, that’s surprising. I would have thought we’d have heard something about problems long ago for CentOS 7, since it’s pretty old. Those are big disks, but not outrageously so. Are all of them reading wrong, or just the terabyte+ one?

That’s what I originally searched for when I noticed this issue as well, it shows up as well on a fresh clean install showing around a few hundred gigabytes used, threads from years ago hinted that it might be reserve space for something.

If it helps it’s 2x8tb HDD running in raid 0 but I doubt that’s the problem. We’re going to do a clean install today anyway since we managed to accidentally kill it. :joy: So I’ll post the stock results on a clean install once my backup is complete.

After a fresh install after installing the latest updates this is what it reports. I recalculated the /home directory to see if that would help but it achieved nothing.

Any status on this bug?

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